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The Importance of Children’s Eye Exam: Is It Ever Too Early?

August 2, 2021

Start ‘em young” as a popular saying goes, but when it comes to children’s eye exams, is it ever too early?


The answer! When it comes to children’s overall health and wellness, there is no such thing as being too early; this includes the aspect of their optical health. In fact, children’s eyes are already being monitored as early as their infancy days to ensure that there aren’t any visual problems that may interfere with your children’s daily activity as they grow up. 


A regular comprehensive eye exam comes in high recommendation once children reach their school age, where they are at a point of exploring and learning around them. Moreover, children are undergoing a lot of changes physically, and this may include changes in their vision. 


To ensure their overall safety and that it doesn’t interfere with their school performance, they are highly encouraged to undergo a yearly comprehensive exam at least once a year, especially if they are already showing signs of vision problems.


We have listed down below some of the most common reasons why a comprehensive eye exam will benefit children greatly!


Early Detection of Potential Eye Disease and Problems


As mentioned earlier, children are undergoing changes inside and out, and as they are still learning to express themselves, they may not be able to easily point out or express yet if there happens to be anything that’s already affecting their sight.


The thing about eye diseases is they are not very obvious at first, even adults can attest to that. More often than not, they are progressive and there are times when the problem has been detected, it’s already in the late stages where reversing the disease may already be irrevocable. 


One of the greatest advantages of undergoing a comprehensive eye exam will be the ability to detect any early-onset or emerging eye problems for children. 


The most common eye problems and/or symptoms they may encounter are:

  • Frequent rubbing of the eyes

  • Prominent lack of eye contact

  • Difficulty to focus

  • Reading problems where the child may be holding the paper too close or too far from their face

  • Motor Development problems and delay


Being able to detect these symptoms at the earliest time possible can help save your child’s vision, which leads us to our next point!


Early Prevention and Treatment Plan


As the problem would be detected as early as possible, there is a high chance that the progression of the eye problem in your child may be prevented. The opthalmologist may present alternative solutions and treatment plants that can correct vision problems or slow down the progression of emerging eye diseases.


On another important note, even if your child is not showing any obvious signs of vision problems, it is still encouraged for them to undergo an annual exam. Because as we have mentioned earlier, some problems are not obvious at first, and as children are continuously developing, there may be hidden complications that would resurface. An annual eye check-up for the young one can certainly go a long way.


Preservation of Long-Term Vision


A children’s eye exam touches base with all aspects, ensuring that nothing goes amiss. As it is a preventive measure against deteriorating eye diseases, children’s eye vision is seen to last for a longer term. In order to maintain this, it’s important to balance 


NVIsion Eyecare in Auckland: The Top Ranking Children’s Eye Exam in NZ


We at Nvision Eyecare places high value on family care. When it comes to children, we understand the parents’ desire to give them the only best, which we also hope to do the same for the sake of their overall health and wellness. As specialists in eye care, we want to ensure that your children will get the best treatment and care with our state-of-the-art technology.


We are proud to share the Plusoptix, an autorefractor that has been designed especially for young children. Sometimes, we understand they can be fussy especially when they do not understand what is happening around them, but with Plusoptix, we can quickly get accurate results from them as it will only take literally a second to get their eye measurements. From there, our ophthalmologist will be able to assess your child’s vision health.


Come and book a schedule with us now, and together, let’s start children young by engaging them with proper eyecare.