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Infant Eye Exams

While we often talk about serious conditions or what to look out for as we age and succumb to some not-so-great habits, it's important to also start young when developing good habits and learning about self-care. Infants also develop different eye conditions and disorders just as adults do, the difference in trouble being that children may not be able to identify anything out of the ordinary with their vision and can't quite articulate things for themselves yet. This is especially true for infants, or even patients who have different needs or are more difficult.

Some points:

  • For ages 3 and under

  • We use advanced technology: plusoptiX S12C - Mobile Vision Screener: this is from hour eye exam

What is Plusoptix?

The Plusoptix A12C is a handheld pediatric autorefractor that takes both eye measurements from a meter away in just one second. It's designed to accurately measure the refraction, interpupillary distance, and pupil diameter all at the same time for patients who are perhaps more difficult or fidget or can't understand what's happening, which includes and is perfect for young children and infants. The device doesn't need the patient to be dilated, making it an even more exact, non-medicated measurement, and it can also be a reliable source used for a potential Retinoscopy, should the patient need it. And if the patient wears contacts or glasses, they're still perfectly fine to wear them during this check and it won't interfere with the measurements at all. Overall, this device is great for those who are uncomfortable or uncooperative in the exam room while getting the same measurements you would get in a regular check up, and is then, perfect for children and infants without making them scared or not getting the same behavior, and it provides the same accurate information an adult eye exam would give at the end.


NVISION Eyecare You Can Trust

At NVISION Eyecare, we're all about family care. And while we often educate the adults on eye health and why they should come visit us, we think it would be an even better way to inspire you and set an example for your kids to make appointments to see us together! If you are in the Albany, Auckland area and looking for a trustworthy optometry practice for not only you, but your children, we invite you to contact us here to make an appointment. We know that going to the doctor's is scary to little kids, and that's why we have some of the most friendly, specialised optometrists around who are all about providing a welcoming environment for the whole family. Give us a call today, and maybe we can make it a family tradition to see the eye doctor together!