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Rexon-Eye® - Advanced Dry Eye Treatment at Nvision Eyecare

What is Rexon-Eye®

Rexon-Eye is a form of treatment for those suffering from chronic dry eye syndrome. It's a non-invasive device that applies low-power high-frequency electric fields on top of your closed eyes. It fits like an eye mask, and with a treatment of four, 20 minute sessions once a week, it's a very comfortable and effective way to solve any dry eye problem

What are the benefits of Rexon-Eye®

Rexon-Eye therapy provides durable, long-lasting benefits, due to its regenerative properties. It is effective for all kinds of dry eye syndromes, meaning it won't matter if yours is caused by evaporative or aqueous deficient reasons, you're covered.

What is the cost of Rexon-Eye®

The cost of the treatment is $1,000. This includes four treatment sessions that are one week apart. Each treatment session lasts for 20 minutes.

What can I expect after Rexon-Eye®

You can expect immediate relief for long endurance. Your eyes will be naturally moisturized, and that goes for anyone suffering any type of dry eye problem.

How long does Rexon-Eye® take to work?

You can expect to feel results four weeks after the last treatment session.