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Hoya MiyoSmart Lens

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How Does the Hoya MiyoSmart Lens Work?

This special technology corrects refraction errors in the central optical zone and helps to control myopia progression. Myopia is a condition that only allows you to see things that are up close clearly, whereas far objects are blurry. Myopia has proven to cause eyestrain, which can also lead to chronic headaches. Those who suffer from myopia might also experience their myopia worsen as they continue to age. This technology works because this specific lens utilizes the natural homeostatic mechanism in the eye called “emmetropisation”. Emmetropisation allows the eyeball to modify itself in order to properly receive focused images like normal vision.

How Much Do Hoya MiyoSmart Lenses Cost?

The costs for the lens will be $699 if buying one of our spectacle frames here at Nvison. If you are using your own frame, the cost for the lens is $899.

How Effective are Hoya MiyoSmart Lenses?

MiyoSmart lenses have proven to be very effective. Based on findings from a two-year clinical trial, MiyoSmart has proved to curb myopia progression on average by 59%, and also slow down axial eye growth by an average of 60%. For children, using MiyoSmart can curb myopia progression by 60%, making it an awesome resource for those who suffer from myopia.

Can my Child Wear MiyoSmart Lenses?

Yes, kids can wear MiyoSmart lenses and it can greatly benefit their overall eyesight. Progressive myopia is largely due to genetics. Depending on the child, myopia can worsen as they grow older. With MiyoSmart, myopia in children can be reduced by up to 60%, and as soon as they begin to show signs of nearsightedness, they are eligible for MiyoSmart lenses.

Why should I wear a MiyoSmart Lens?

If you are someone who struggles with myopia, otherwise known as being ‘nearsighted’, then MiyoSmart lenses can be a great help. The technology in the MiyoSmart lenses allows for myopia progression to curb by an average of 60%. This type of lens does especially well with children, as they can begin to help the eye form properly.

Especially in today’s day and age where there are more near-work activities, and less time spent outside, in conjunction with other hereditary factors, this type of lens can be especially effective. Due to these factors, there is also an expected increase in children with myopia, so this lens is a modern-day solution to a modern-day problem.

Are there any side effects in wearing these lenses?

Fortunately, there are no side effects of wearing MiyoSmart lenses. In fact, if your child is using other myopia-control methods, you may incorporate MiyoSmart lenses into your child’s routine by replacing their spectacle lenses.

What are the main benefits of wearing the Hoya MiyoSmart Lens?

The main benefit of using MiyoSmart lenses is that it can potentially curb your child’s myopia progression by an average of 60%. Myopia is a progressive condition and will get worse over time. Myopia is also known to cause eyestrain, which can cause sometimes severe headaches. For the sake of your child’s eyesight and future with myopia, MiyoSmart lenses are an amazing resource to utilize.

Are Hoya MiyoSmart Lenses non-invasive?

MiyoSmart lenses are a non-invasive method that effectively manages the progression of myopia. Being that this is a non-invasive method to fix myopia, these lenses are usually a top choice for parents.