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ChromaGenTM Lenses for Colorblindness and Dyslexia

NVision Eyecare® is the official distributor of ChromaGenTM to the New Zealand market. It is best known as a diagnostic system used by professionals to address and treat Academic Skills DisorderTM and other learning-related difficulties, including colorblindness and dyslexia.

What is color blindness?

If you are experiencing difficulty in identifying colors or you seem to be naming colors differently than most people do, then you may have color blindness. Having this condition makes it difficult for you to tell colors apart from one another.

Colorblindness is mainly be influenced by genetic factors but may also be because of experiencing brain trauma or the eyes.

There is no surgical treatment that can permanently cure colorblindness. Instead, there are special glasses and lenses made to help adjust your eyes in your daily activities.

What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects a person’s ability to read, spell, write, and interpret wordings. There is difficulty in understanding the context of the words presented. It can be diagnosed as early as childhood but may become more visible during the schooling years. It’s also worth noting that some are diagnosed to have dyslexia during their adulthood years.

Hereditary genes play a role in acquiring dyslexia, also premature birth or a lack of prenatal care practice may have affected

Some of the most common symptoms you may encounter are as follow:

Childhood to Schooling Years

  • Delayed speech development

  • Memory retention struggles

  • Difficulty in word formation and learning nursery rhymes

  • Encounters difficulty in spelling and reading

  • Difficulty in differentiating in identifying letters and words

Teenagers to Adulthood

  • Experiences difficulty in anything that involves reading activities and comprehension

  • Avoid any reading and writing activities cos they find it too tiring

  • Struggles in memorization and spelling

  • Finds difficulty in deciphering idiomatic expressions

  • Struggles in solving mathematic problems

It is important to be wary of one’s reading ability, especially in children. It is best to consult your doctor at the soonest time possible in order to recommend treatment management plans. Undiagnosed dyslexic symptoms may carry on into adulthood, where the person will continue to experience reading difficulties.

​​​​​​​How can ChromaGenTM help with colorblindness and dyslexia?

ChromaGenTM has established a solid reputation in managing Academic Skills DisorderTM. It provides corrective lenses specifically designed to assist in colorblindness and dyslexia.

When it comes to colorblindness, or also known as colour deficiency, ChromaGenTM lenses can change the wavelength of each colors that pass through the eyes, which enables improvement in differentiating and identifying the colors. This is especially helpful in practicing road safety through the accurate reading of the signs that corresponds to certain colors.

As for dealing with dyslexia, ChromaGenTM lenses with colored filters can help improve the patient’s visual perception, which can gradually improve their reading abilities in the long run when worn regularly. It is also important to choose the correct color combination for the lenses for it to work effectively.