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Benefits of Ortho-K in Auckland, NZ

Benefits of Ortho-K in Auckland, NZ

Ortho-K is a revolutionary treatment for the eyes that is growing in popularity. Why? Well, it’s because anyone who has corneal irregularity and other eye problems no longer needs to wear corrective gear. Aside from that, of course, ortho-K has plenty of other benefits. Considering ortho-K for you or your loved ones? Read on to find out how Ortho-K can help you!

What is Ortho-K?


Ortho-K (Orthokeratology), also known as Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT), is a non-surgical vision correction technique. Don’t want to get Lasik for your eyes to correct your vision? Totally understandable. The prospect of getting a laser in your eyes can be quite daunting. Ortho-K is an excellent alternative to refractive surgery, especially if you are one of those who don’t want to wear contact lenses or corrective eyewear during the day. It’s totally understandable since glasses can break or be lost. The same with contacts - imagine the lens going right up your eyelid or popping off your eyeball, leaving you with blurry vision.

With ortho-k for eyes, for the first time, persons with corneal irregularity and refractive errors can walk about wearing no glasses or contact lenses. The treatment involves wearing specially designed, rigid ortho-k lenses. The lenses gradually but safely reshape the cornea correcting myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. You wear the ortho-k lenses at night and take them out in the morning. The eyes retain the new shape throughout the day, and you enjoy excellent vision. You can retain clear vision for around two days. You have to make sure to wear the glasses every night though, to maintain your correct vision. Otherwise, your cornea will go back to its original shape. And yes, it means ortho-K is minimally invasive even reversible.

What are the benefits of an ortho-K treatment?


Because Ortho-K lenses eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses during the day, people reap plenty of benefits! Here are some: 

Ortho-K is temporary.
As mentioned, Ortho-K lenses are great for those who want to go without using glasses or contact lenses. ​​It’s great, but guess what? Some people would still prefer wearing glasses regularly. They may not want to commit going glasses-free full time. Since ortho-k is temporary, this is an option great for them. Hey, you never know, you may just want to experience going glasses-free for just one day. 

Ortho-K helps children and adolescents who are experiencing myopia.
Ortho-k has gained worldwide recognition due to evidence demonstrating that it can effectively slow and even halt the progression of short-sightedness or myopia in children during their growing years. The bad part about it is if it’s progressive, meaning you have to continuously change your prescription. Sounds like such a hassle, right? It also means you’ll be saving a lot of money instead of buying new glasses and contacts all the time.

Ortho-k is known for also helping far-sighted people and those suffering from age-related sight loss. Tired of losing your glasses or sitting on them because you can’t see? Consider ortho-k as the solution to your unclear vision. Ortho-k is not only for children; it greatly benefits a lot of different people.

Ortho-k is great for physically active individuals.


What do we mean by physically active individuals? Well, we can mean athletes, police officers, constructions workers, lifeguards, and more. If you’re a professional athlete, you know how risky it is to wear protective goggles while playing. They may protect your eyes, but they also correct your vision. So let’s say you’re a basketball player. Imagine accidentally getting elbowed or getting hit in the face while you’re going for a rebound. Then say your goggles get shattered., causing shards to go into your eyes. And if not, your goggles are shattered, which means you won’t be able to see anything. Therefore, you won’t be able to play properly. And if you wear contact lenses, the same thing. What if you run into an opposing basketball player and your contacts pop off? You’d be unable to play to your best ability because you can’t see clearly.

The other set of individuals are those who have physically demanding jobs that involve working in hazardous or adverse weather conditions. For example, you’re a construction worker who has to work at a job site, and you’re someone who needs glasses. However, you’d also need to wear protective goggles for your safety. You’d be left with two options. Option 1 would be you wearing your goggles over your glasses to make sure you can see. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be comfortable working, which wouldn’t make you happy especially if you have a long day ahead of you!

The other option is to pull off your glasses and just wear the protective goggles. Of course, that leaves you with not being able to see. And if you can’t see, you may not do a good job at your work. Worse, you might be the cause of any unfortunate accidents at the site. So ortho-k, which will help you see without contacts or glasses, might be for you.

Ortho-k is beneficial for people who live in dry places.


If you don’t want to wear glasses, you’d have to wear contact lenses, right? However, dry places, which can also become hot and windy, easily cause dry eyes. And when your eyes dry, it becomes pretty impossible to wear contact lenses. What happens is that the drying causes your contacts to separate from the cornea, making them fall out. 

If you have eye problems, don’t want to wear glasses, and live in a dry place, ortho-k might be for you since ortho-k lenses will help you remove the inconvenience of not losing your contacts.

Ortho-k helps people who are allergic to contact lenses.


Some people are allergic to wearing conventional contact lenses. If you experience eye redness or itchiness, or any discomfort while wearing contacts, you might be one of them. Thankfully, ortho-k lenses are an option for you if you have allergies. Ortho-K lenses are easy to use and since you only wear them at night, any discomfort you might feel is reduced.

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