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How to Prevent Dry Eye

June 19, 2020

Those who suffer from dry eye understand just how difficult it is to remedy the situation. Although it can be a pain to manage, here are some ways to prevent dry eye before it starts.

          Firstly, blue light prevention. As we have evolved into a screen-heavy work environment, we experience extensive hours staring at a screen. Our screens from our phones to our laptops to our tablets, it can be very straining on the eyes due to blue light exposure. You can prevent blue light exposure by utilizing blue light blocking tools like blue light blocking glasses, which you can wear when you’re looking at a screen.

          Another way to relieve dry eyes is by stopping in to see an eye expert and get their opinion. Here at NVISION Eyecare, we offer a dry-eye evaluation in which we can determine the type of dry eye that you are experiencing, as well as how severe it is. Upon evaluation, our eye care experts can determine the best course of treatment for you which can make dry-eye prevention much easier.

          Some of the most effective treatments for dry eye are lubricants. Each lubricant that you come across will have a specially designed formula so you may have to try out a few in order to find the one that best fits you. Some lubricants vary from products like liquid drops, liquid gels, and ointments. Liquid drops and gels can be used to treat mild, moderate, or severe dry eye symptoms depending on the variety. Ointments are usually more to treat moderate to severe dry eye, being that it is super thick, almost like petroleum jelly. Being that they are so thick, ointments may cause blurry vision so it is best to only use at night. The best rule of thumb for both liquid drops or gels, as well as ointments, is to not use too frequently (less than 4-6 times per day for liquid lubricants) in order to prevent damage to the eye.

          In order to also aid in the dry-eye prevention process, it is best to avoid eyestrains. Eyestrains can be very annoying and cause the eye to feel tired after prolonged use. For example, if you are driving long distances for many hours, or staring at a screen for extended periods of time, this can cause eyestrains. Eyestrain can be easy to solve with proper rest, but in order to prevent more discomfort on top of dry eye, it is best to steer clear of activities that can cause eyestrain.

          If you are experiencing dry eye, or can not seem to relieve eyestrain, contact NVISION Eyecare and set up an eye exam. One of the best courses of action you can take to find relief with your eyes is to get to the root of the problem. Our eyecare experts have the knowledge and experience in order to provide you with accurate results, as well as the best treatments you can take in order to find long-term relief. Give NVISION Eyecare a call to set up an appointment here in New Zealand.