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The Best in IPL Treatment in Auckland, New Zealand

May 19, 2020

What is IPL Treatment for Dry Eye?

To start, what is IPL? IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, which is a light therapy used to help individuals suffering from dry eye. This type of light therapy is much like a laser treatment you’d use to treat hair or freckles, so it is a pretty mild form of light therapy. During the treatment, a blast of light is shot from the IPL instrument and instantly absorbed by the blood vessels within your eye. With this type of heat therapy, it safely melts the glands of your eye that are now open, allowing for stagnated secretions to be easily removed. As a result, you will experience a significant reduction in your dry eye without having to use drops. Your quality and quantity of natural tears will improve and the discomfort will be gone. This type of treatment is best for specific kinds of patients who may be battling oscular rosacea and have spider veins within their eyes. In order to be properly assessed to see if this treatment is best for you, it is best to consult with an eye care practitioner here at NVISION to discuss your options.

What does an IPL Treatment Consultation Entail in Auckland, New Zealand?

As I have mentioned above, before proceeding with this type of procedure to treat chronic dry eye, you will need to partake in a consultation. During this consultation, our eye care practitioner will assess your eye condition, as well as take note of any of your immediate concerns, and will make a plan for the next steps. Let us know if you have any skin conditions around your eyes that may affect healing. Depending on your eye care practitioner, some may assess your eyes and move forward with IPL the same day if you are a good candidate. The treatment is painless and takes up to 15 minutes per eye. Depending on the severity of the case, there are usually three treatments necessary, at about a month apart. 

What Should I Expect After IPL Treatment?

Following up after your IPL Treatment, you may experience some red or sensitive skin around the treated area for a couple hours. It may feel somewhat like a sunburn. Many patients experience mild redness or swelling directly after the procedure, which is normal. There is really not much downtime after this procedure and you should be able to partake in regular activities after your treatments. If the area is slightly inflamed or irritated, it is recommended to avoid using hot water to treat it being that the area is temperature sensitive post-treatment and you could experience further discomfort. 

When Will I be Able to See Results of IPL Treatment for Dry Eye?

After your IPL treatment to treat dry eye, you can actually begin to feel comfortable changes after a few hours after the first treatment. Since this procedure has virtually zero downtime, you can begin to feel those positive changes and still partake in regular activities post-treatment. After the third treatment you should feel significant changes in relation to your dry eye, if not total irradiation of your dry eye symptoms. This procedure is safe, effective, and will allow you to have a whole new lease on life. No more artificial tears, no more discomfort, no more dry eye. Give us a call here at Nvsion in Albany, Aukland, NZ and inquire about IPL dry eye treatments today.