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Understanding Dry Eye Disease and Treatment in Auckland, NZ


Imagine while you’re watching your favorite movie and you’re way too deep into your anticipation just as you’re about to get to your favorite part, when all of a sudden, there’s suddenly this burning sensation in your eyes! Oof! What a way to ruin the moment, right? It’s kind of like wanting to cry, but no matter what you do, it’s like there are no more tears left to cry. You suddenly realize it has been going on for quite some time now, and you know in yourself that it is not just the typical itch in your eyes.

We’re here to confirm it for you as well. That right there is what you just experienced as dry eyes, and if it has been going on for quite some time now, then you may be having a Dry Eye Disease. 

When it comes to such a condition, it can certainly bring about a great amount of discomfort when left untreated. In order to effectively treat this, let us take a closer look at Dry Eye Disease and what steps you can take.

What is Dry Eye Disease?

Here’s a fun fact! (Well, that is if you haven’t heard of it yet). Our eyes have a protective layer called the tear film, where the tears are produced, not to make us cry, but to protect our eyes and keep them functioning at their best! They are divided into three layers: lipid, aqueous, and mucous, which give our eyes that smooth, glossy finishing look.  They are basically responsible for the tear production in our eyes and if somewhere along the way, it suddenly feels as if summer drought has been cast upon them, then that’s highly likely to be a case of Dry Eye Disease.  Tear production is either low or poor in quality, which may bring immense pain and discomfort. Symptoms include blurry vision, sore eyes, or higher risk of eye infections, if already a severe case; which is why it’s vital to undergo a check-up at the soonest time you feel any of these symptoms!

Determining The Cause: Comprehensive Eye Exam

So you might be wondering how you ended up getting Dry Eyes in the first place. Was it caused by something that got in your eye? A dust, maybe? Was it during that time you accidentally poked it? 

As the eye experts, we’re telling you now: there is certainly more than meets the eyes that is causing your Dry Eyes.

Undergoing a comprehensive eye exam may just be your saving grace in finding the underlying cause for the drought season in your eyes. Not only will it possibly cure the current problem you have, but it can also check for the overall health of your eyes!

The Most Common Causes of a Dry Eye Disease

“What are the chances that I can get a Dry Eye Disease?” “Could it be genetic?” Is it more common for men or women?

Those may be just some of the questions lingering at the back of your mind as you wonder if you can potentially get dry eyes. So what are the possible causes that can make you prone to getting this disease? 


  • Hormonal changes - It contributes to lesser production of tears as you grow older, hence, increasing the chances of getting Dry Eye

  • Menopause (for women)

  • Eye exposure to computer or gadgets for a long period of time

  • Shape of eyelids (entropion -inward and ectropion - outward)

Luckily, a Dry Eye Disease is not as life-threatening as it may have been perceived, provided that they are given the proper attention it needs! While it has the possibility of becoming a severe case, certain preventive measures can be taken to keep your eyes moist and healthy!

Say Goodbye to Dry Eyes with NVision Eyecare in Auckland

Find yourself singing along to ‘Bye bye bye, dry eyes!’ with NVision Eyecare in Auckland! When it comes to providing our evaluation, our dry eye specialists try to be as transparent as they can in order to recommend an effective solution tailored just for you! With our state-of-the-art technology and up to date knowledge and equipments, we offer an hour and a half in-depth assessment, including the following services, but not limited to:

  • Tear osmolarity device (where it can determine the saltiness of your tears)

  • Check for your oil-producing glands

  • Blinking rate and blink completeness assessment

  • Tear volume and tear evaporation assessment


So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with us now and let’s give your eyes the best treatment it can ever have with NVision Eyecare!