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Our Lenses


NVISION Eyecare has a strong partnership with HOYA. HOYA is a Japanese lens manufacturer that is a leader in its field. All our lenses come with HOYA’s unique VP antireflective coating as a default.

Spectacles within one week

HOYA has a lab set up here in Auckland, which allows us to give our patients a quick turn around on their lenses.

Diamond Finish© - 1 Year Accidental Scratch Warranty

We also offer HOYA’s state-of-the-art Diamond finish coating on all our lenses as an optional upgrade. This coating is so well-made that we offer a one-year.

Blue light filter

Blue light has been shown to cause eye damage and fatigue. HOYA’s blue light filter also comes with Diamond Finish to give that extra protection.

Myopia (short-sightedness) Control Lenses

We have special lenses designed to help reduce myopia progression.

Progressive Lenses

Our progressive lenses come in three simple classes: Introductory, Intermediate and Personalised. Your optometrist will recommend which lens they think will be the best for you.

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